Review: Knight Squad

Shite Squad

Knight Squad is a multiplayer 2d action game which revolves around a squad of knights whom the player uses to compete in various challenges in both the multiplayer maps and the brief single player challenge maps. There are eight of the characters to choose from and each of them is as generic as the next. The only differentiating factor between each character is their armour colour and their awkwardly cheesy names, Selfie or Shooter, being choice examples.

visually The game is, at best, bland. The art style is cartoonish, which does a little to stand out. The colours on the character models are vibrant and this makes them a little more pleasant to view, at first. But everything else is mild, maps are various assortments of grey and brown blocks interspersed with muted gold power ups whose icons are too small and indistinguishable for their own good. No one map, character or weapon stands out from the entire game.

But where the visuals have some flair, minimal though it is, the sound is downright dull. The sound track to the game has three main settings. The first is a generic medieval fantasy loop that plays over the main menu screen, the second is a more Hollywood-esque fantasy track that plays during game over screens and match end screens. The last part of the soundtrack of the game is a set of electronic, almost dubstep-y, tracks that play during the game itself. They don’t fit in to the style the game is aiming for in the slightest and make the game feel more like something built of spare parts, rather than a concise idea brought to life.

However the worst part of Knight Squad is the game play itself.  Knight Squad is clearly attempting to be the next in the growing number of  frantic, multiplayer successes. A genre where fast action and tight 2d maps combine to make an edge of the seat experience. The problem here is that the game play always feels just one step away from being that frenetic fun. The characters move just a little too slowly, the weapons feel just a little too weak or hard to use, the maps feel just a little too open and hard to navigate around. All this combines to make for a game that feels clunky to play and often annoys more than impresses.

Still, at least the multiplayer modes are trying to do something interesting. As opposed to the Single player mode which comprises of a series of single objective challenge maps, which make no effort to tell you what that challenge is or how far you’ve gone to achieving it. Meaning that the single player mode  often feels like derivative, random melee combat and offers the player no reason to keep taking part other to unlock more of the same.

Technically the game struggles across the board. The load times during the single player section are often long, which is shocking considering the tiny amount of content waiting behind the loading screen. Multiplayer is no better off because, where load times are improved, Lag is extremely notable, and with the game going for fast melee action any lag at all is a problem.

All of this combines to make Knight Squad an entirely forgettable experience. The game was clearly aiming to be something more than what it is, but in missing its mark its missed its chance to be enjoyable. With so many good alternative 2d melee multiplayer games out there, many for a similar, if not cheaper price, I can’t recommend anyone picks up this game, at best it’s a cluttered, shallow experience. At worst, it’s a generic mess that fails to provide much fun or interest at all.

On a 100 point scale I would score this game 2.0/10


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