Welcome to the first feature in a new series for this blog. Towards the end of every month I’m going to outline some of the best things that have recently released. Whether it be games, music, movies or whatever else, it’s my intention to create an interesting, varied list of things you might have missed. If you’ve released something recently that you think deserves a place on this blog (or you just have good suggestions) feel free to get in touch via the Contact Me page.

Arkham Knight – Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6 DLC

DLC isn’t likely to play a major part of these features in the future but the latest batch of Arkham Knight DLC is a little special. Rather than adding to the AR missions of Arkham Knight Rocksteady have instead gone back and remastered some of the best challenge maps from the Arkham franchise’s past. Playing again in the Cobblepot Lounge, or Wayne Manor feels instantly familiar and new at the same time. It’s a welcome blast from the past and, if it truly is the last piece of Arkham content that Rocksteady are to develop, a nice way for the developer to bid farewell to the franchise they created.

Panic! At The Disco – Death Of A Bachelor.

Death Of A Bachelor is the fifth album from a band who have released some of the most interesting and unique music of the past few years. As ever this album is a mish mash of styles with Queen, Frank Sinatra, Hip Hop  and classic pop punk all fueling this eleven track powerhouse. Lyrically the album continues on from the band’s previous effort, focusing on the personal life of the, now solo, band member Brendon urie, whose vocals continue to shine. If you liked Panic! Before you’ll certainly like this and that just goes to show the kind of consistent quality that comes out of this band.

Gone Home Console Edition.

Playing through Gone Home for the first time was an absolute revelation. The Game, Developed by Portland based The  Fullbright Company, is an absolute triumph of writing, level design and storytelling. It’s use of nail biting atmosphere is extremely clever as is it’s pacing and structure. But what makes Gone Home so special is how different it is. The game shuns triple A excess in favour of a grounded story. It captures the feeling of being in your house alone, with a sense of both familiarity and nervous unease, and it does this whilst telling one of the most  human stories in gaming. At the time of its original release Gone Home undeniably pushed boundaries, and now the game has been released, along with a bunch of special features, to the current generation of consoles. Easily one of the best games of the past few years, Gone Home cannot be recommended highly enough.

Did you enjoy anything on this list or think I missed something off it? Feel free to leave a comment on this article or get in touch with me. I hope you’ll look forward to the next list in this series, at the end of February. Thanks for reading.


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