For a note of disclosure regarding this review, please see the comments section below.

Little Bribes first release is an EP laced with aggression, tension and a sense of conflict bubbling under the surface.

  1. Between Blood.

The EP opens with a blast of guitars and drums in a mood that very much sets the tone for the rest of the record. Gadd’s vocals follow soon after establishing a strong, recurring chorus. The song is punctuated by slower, melodic guitar riffs and sudden bursts of aggressive vocals. It’s a strong opening track which immediately grabs hold of its audience.

  1. Deadname.

Deadname starts off equally punchy with drums and brittle guitars quickly building to a more traditional punk sound. The vocals here turn gritty and aggressive, where between blood is melodic and dark, Deadname is kicking and, literally, screaming. The whole songs builds up to a crescendo of screamed gang vocals and then its finished as fast as it started. This is the kind of low budget punk that mosh pits and head banging were invented for.

  1. Cartography

Cartography is the opposite side of the scale from Dead Name, this is a slower, more melodic effort. That is until a moment two thirds through the song when Little Bribes come alive once again, the track is a great mix of smooth, vibrant and lively. Cartography’s lyrics are some of the strongest of the album, some of the recurring lines are full of imagery that feels deep and gloomy.

  1. Raggy Dolls

The guitar work is very much the star of the show on Raggy Dolls, there is barely a moment on the track without a strong riff or surprising break down. The Vocals again are packing dark imagery and are delivered, for the most part, with punk stylings, aggressive and powerful. Sometimes the screamed vocals feel a little washed out, but for the most part the song packs a surprisingly nuanced punch.

  1. Living Room.

The final Track on the EP Doesn’t quite standout in the same way as its predecessors, but it’s still strong. It starts off with vocals being the highlight but the real flare here comes from the drums which start as the tracks backbone but go on to give it a real sense of flare. Living room closes the EP in as strong a manor as it started, a rare occurrence in a band this young.

Obstacles is a surprisingly deep and mature effort from a band that have no other releases to their name. The record combines traditional punk sensibilities with melancholy and melody in a manner that is reminiscent of Biffy Clyro and Taking Back Sunday circa 2006. At times its DIY style production undermines some of its more punchy moments, but these slumps are few and far between on an effort that comes out the gate swinging and is fantastically consistent throughout.

Obstacles Scores 8.9/10


3 thoughts on “Track By Track Review: Little Bribes – Obstacles

  1. In order to review Obstacles I was given a review copy of the EP, I obtained this copy through member of the band George Gadd, who I consider a friend and have worked with previously. I have approached the review for obstacles just as I would any other record/movie/game that passes through this blog and have taken as much time to break it down and consider it as I would anything else. It is, therefore, my opinion that this review is an honest and genuine review of Obstacles, which is, to the best of my ability, not affected by my connection to the band.


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