As we now sit a week into this month, it’s time we look back on the best releases of the month just past, so without further ado, here are the best releases of June.

Sing Street:

Sing Street is a movie that tells the story of a boy in 1980s who joins a new school and forms a band in a attempt to gain popularity and get the girl. It’s a plot we’ve seen before but Sing street nails its delivery. it’s a movie of genuine characters telling an engaging story. It’s best asset, though, is its grasp and use of live sound. The movie absolutely nails the feeling and sound of a live concert and  the use of this atmosphere really adds to the movie’s sense of authenticity. If you get the chance you should defiantly try to catch it in a cinema, or an environment where that live sound will be done justice.

Busted: Coming Home.

That’s right, the second recommendation on this list is famous, love to hate ’em, pop punk band Busted. The original line up of the band has reformed and returned with the first single off of a new album but this time round the band sound different, years away from each other exploring and maturing in their musical ability has done this band a lot of good. Now the sound of grating guitar is replaced with fuzzy electronics as the bands improved sense of harmonies takes a much more centre role in this song. But perhaps the strongest aspect of the song is the drumming. Cobus Potgieter takes the role of drummer here and his talent is immediately noticeable, the beats themselves are minimally complex but they sound effortless and come with enough understated flair that it makes you wonder what the album might have in store from this rhythm aficionado. Perhaps it won’t be too long until we find out.


To not mention Overwatch on this list would be to not understand what a great game is. Overwatch is a genius work of imagination, balance and flair. A wide range of heroes, in a number of different classes take to the battle field in various objective based game types. The characters complement each other fantastically and picking who to play as at any time feels more like a feast than a buffet. There isn’t a single class that doesn’t feel fun, not a single map that feels out of place, and even though it’s not bursting with content, it’s easy to get hours and hours of enjoyment from this game. Summing up Overwatch in one word is easy, fun. It’s fun to play, but its more than that, the characters are fun, the weapons are fun, the environments are fun, everything about this game is fun, and there’s no better reason to recommend a game than that.

Did you enjoy anything on this list or think I missed something off it? Feel free to leave a comment on this article or get in touch with me. I hope you’ll look forward to the next list in this series, at the end of May. Thanks for reading


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