July, for the first time in a while, was a month full of good releases, narrowing it down this month was a tough task but without further ado here are the best releases of July:

Overwatch: Ana Amari

Ana Amari is the first piece of post Launch DLC for Overwatch. As such a lot of pressure rested on her head, would she play into the pre-existing delicate balance of Overwatch? Who would she counter and who would counter her? Luckily Ana fits in to the roster perfectly. She adds to the variety of characters and brings a new element of game play to the support category  for those who didn’t feel comfortable within it already.

For a deeper look into what makes Ana Amari great take a look of Games Up’s review of Ana Amari.

Good Charlotte: Youth Authority.

I ran outside to see/it’s not 2003” sings one half of the Madden brothers on one of this album’s singles “40 oz dream” and yet it is. This album is as 2003 as possible because for the first time in over a decade Good Charlotte have re-embraced the genre that made them: Pop Punk. But this band are not young anymore, let’s not forget that Good Charlotte are 21 years old and still mostly made up of its original members. Youth Authority is a homecoming parade from a band who are playing better than they ever have, the drums are on point, the guitars are in sync and the structures and mixing are as good (if not better) than any previous album from this band. Good Charlotte have always been a bit of a musical underdog, never quite receiving the praise they deserve. They’re frequently seen as the poster boys of a laughed at genre, but albums like this show that Good Charlotte are still some of the best musicians in the business and they deserve your attention now more than ever.

Bojack Horseman: Season 3.

Animated comedy is something that will be considered a viewing staple for certain generations thanks to innovators like Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane. But creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg has made something that stands apart from its cartoon peers. Bojack Horseman found it’s home on Netflix only 2 years ago but it’s gone from strength to strength. It’s brilliantly funny as a biting satire of American celebrity culture, and it’s attention to detail makes every single one of its major jokes feel impactful to the shows future. It’s a genuine pleasure watching such an A list cast make a mockery of Hollywoo (and no that’s not a spelling mistake). But what sets Bojack Horseman apart is its ability to experiment with its own formula and tie in genuine tragedy to its acidic comedy. The fourth episode of it’s third season, for example, is set entirely underwater and this setting effects everything from the story to the music and dialogue. This kind of experimentation mixed with its genuine feeling of bleak tragedy makes Bojack Horseman one of the most interesting animated comedies in recent years. It won’t deliver a laugh a minute but it will leave an impact on you and that’s very special.

Did you enjoy anything on this list or think I missed something off it? Feel free to leave a comment on this article or get in touch with me. I hope you’ll look forward to the next list in this series, at the end of August/begining of September. Thanks for reading!


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