Before we begin: I missed august! I’ve done every month this year so far and was super down that I couldn’t do august but technical issues got in the way. Fear not though, normal service has returned and so without further ado, let’s get back to the very best of September:

Green Day – Bang Bang: Official Music Video.

Green Day always impress, their musical talent is off the charts and their sense of badass style goes before them. But perhaps the most impressive thing about them is that this is an outfit that has been playing music for nearly 30 years and their still relevant today. If you needed proof of that, look no further than the Bang Bang music video. The song is written from the point of view of a mass shooter and the video is a reflection on the current state of news style media and the glorification of crime. If that deep, heavy topicality doesn’t interest you then the song certainly should, its 3 minutes of staggering, thundering punk with some of the best drumming ever heard from Tre Cool, which is quite a thing in itself considering his considerable talent with a pair of sticks. Green Day are back with their best album in years (I’m on my sixth listen of it as I write this) and Bang Bang was the perfect way for them to announce their return.


whilst June is the biggest month in the year for gaming worldwide it’s September that takes that crown for the UK as Britain’s biggest gaming show EGX brings its reliably giant line up to an arena show floor. This year some of the highlights on said show floor included: Dishonoured 2, The PS4 Pro and more VR demo’s then you could shake an Oculus Touch at. But as usual it was the Indie section that held some of the most fascinating demos and so rather than try and explain them all, I’ll let the Developers themselves tell you about the games through the medium of Games Up Podcast:

Listen to our Indie Interviews here.

Prepare To Try: Season 2:

Prepare To Try season 1 was an absolute triumph, it was a funny, engaging and well realised show that made every viewer yell with triumph at the climax of Rory Powers’ challenge and Season 2 has been just as good. Gav, Dan and Rory are just as fun to watch, the game they play is just as engaging and the sense of triumph in the last episode is positively palpable. If you like a good YouTube series or your trying to get in to Dark Souls, or you just want to watch three funny dudes a for a couple of hours a week, then Prepare To Try (both seasons) comes highly recommended.

Did you enjoy anything on this list or think I missed something off it? Feel free to leave a comment on this article or get in touch with me. I hope you’ll look forward to the next list in this series, at the end of October/beginning of November. Thanks for reading!


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