Green Day: Revolution Radio.

Bang Bang was one of the heaviest, meatiest first singles Green Day have released since 2004’s American Idiot, it was full to the brim with Acid and fire and it was the perfect way for the band to introduce Revolution Radio, because acid and fire are what this record is made of. Revolution Radio is full to the brim with all the things that make Green Day great. Biting lyrics penetrate every track whether it’s the rousing chorus of “I put the riot in patriot” from opening track Somewhere Now, all the way to the more personal but still punchy “fuck you, I’m from Oakland” of Youngblood. With the current state of society at large many were looking to Green Day for American Idiot 2, a reprise of their political anger, another groundbreaker for a generation of political lost souls to rally around. Does it break that new ground? No, but it doesn’t really need to, as once again with a guitar, a bass, a drum kit and three of the most talented musicians in punk; Green Day have recaptured the fighting spirit that put them on such a pedestal over a decade ago and made it relevant for a generation of people who are growing up with Social Media, right wing fanaticism and Trump Campaigns as a part of their daily lives. The record itself says it best: “we live in troubled times”.

Enter Shikari: Hoodwinker

Take To The Skies; Shikari’s first record is barely ten years old. Which is a pretty difficult fact to swallow when you consider that, since then, Enter Shikari have put out 3 other studio albums, 2 compilation albums, more live recordings then you can shake a chaos pad at and many many one off singles. Hoodwinker fit’s in to that last category, a one off single to keep your taste buds flowing whilst Shikari hibernate in a distant studio coming up with Album number 5, and blimey, what a track it is. Heavy doesn’t even come close to describing this behemoth of a song. Beginning with a pounding bass guitar and drums combo it leads quickly to Rou Reynolds bellowing “This is the voice of god” in the lowest register he’s been heard screaming at in years. Shikari always know how to leave your earlobes wanting more and Hoodwinker is no exception, from its thundering intro to its playful ending Hoodwinker is another example of Shikari demonstrating how they are very much the kings of the UK’s heavy music scene.

Telltale’s Batman: Episode 3.

Telltale are indisputably some of the best video game story tellers in recent memory, their episodic formula is well known to produce tense and emotionally driven stories where player’s join the dots to make the experience even more personal, and as a result of this, even more harrowing and Episode 3 of Telltale’s Batman is no exception. One of the things that makes Telltale’s stories so good is their ability to write characters who are varying shades of grey. Who’s morality and trustability is hard to nail down and who, as a result, are far more human and far harder to decide between. Episode 3: New World Order, picks up after one of the toughest early decisions in any of Telltale’s games to date and over the next few hours players watch as Batman and Bruce Wayne’s world is torn down from around them. Doing all the running you can to stay in the same place is a very unpleasant feeling but Telltale always manage to keep the carrot dangled close enough to the players face that they want to keep pushing forward. It’s interesting to see this dark brooding hero be put in such a powerless position and it’s a dynamic that works perfectly with Telltale’s bleak approach to storytelling. If you have any connection to the world of Batman you will undoubtedly love this series and the tense situations it puts you in as both the playboy billionaire and the caped crusader.

Did you enjoy anything on this list or think I missed something off it? Feel free to leave a comment on this article or get in touch with me. I hope you’ll look forward to the next list in this series, at the end of November/beginning of December. Thanks for reading!


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