Lego returns to the big screen, but this time with a superhero caper featuring everyone’s favourite caped crusader.

The Lego Batman Movie is a film predicated on a criticism that has been leveled at the caped crusader many times. Here is a person who lives an entirely unhealthy life, he embraces his solitude, shunning those around him and get’s his kicks beating up mentally challenged thugs. Yet he manages to be a hero rather than the alternative. But when his self imposed isolation goes from being a strength to a weakness Batman has to learn how to let other people help him.

It takes this idea and does it serious justice because it’s as hilarious as it is action packed, it’s an excellent film made up of equally good heroic and comedy parts. The film’s humour is a perfect balance of many different forms of comedy. It’s made up of equal parts:  meta-humour, 4th wall breaking, toilet humour, physical humour, sharp wit and visual gags. Almost every kind of comedy is here and it’s all paced and balanced well enough that almost every joke lands perfectly no single sense of humour becomes overwhelming or stale. This is family friendly humour at its best and it’s a good thing too otherwise the story of the film may seem a bit more basic.

But something that is definitely not basic is the films attention to super hero detail. Action is fast, explosive and eye catching, but never difficult to follow. The film’s vibrant colour palette helps the action to really pop on screen. But nowadays super hero movies are more than just costumes and fighting, they’re about world building, and it turns out Lego knows how to do that too. This film does a better job of building a believable shared universe than any of DC’s recent outings in to the cinema. Some of this is down to the suspension of disbelief that comes with the Lego label, but it’s mostly down to the excellent integration of characters in to the story.

It’s not only the action that’s vivid throughout the film, the movie’s music and visuals are utterly joyous as well. Lego Batman’s sound track is full of metal-y pop punk, with grating guitars integrating clever, funny musical nods to previous entrances in the franchise. The visuals too are on point, Lego’s stop motion-like style of animation is still unique but what’s impressive about The Lego Batman Movie is how it manages to make a believable “Gotham City” without losing it’s Lego Sensibilities.

The Lego Batman Movie is absolutely brilliant, it’s funny, well written, fantastically acted, beautiful and a joy for the ears. Every member of the audience will have a fun time, whether you’re going as a family, a bat-fan, a Lego fan or just looking for a good comedy. The film doesn’t break any new ground and you won’t be quoting from it in the same way as it’s predecessor, but it’s stunning none the less and easily the best DC movie released in the last few years.

The Lego Batman Movie Scored: 9.1/10.


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